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The Legacy every institution leaves behind every year is her community she created through careful nurturing and seasoning, the proud torch bearers of the alma mater, the past pupils of the institution. United and passionate the value they bring to the institution and the community back is immense.

Listening to the request made by the old boys of St John’s College to form an association at its peak at the dawn of the twentieth century, the then Principal Rev. Jacob Thompson called for a meeting of the old boys on 18th of April 1904, which led to the inception of our association which no doubt had been a pioneer of this type in this Island.

Principal Rev. Jacob Thompson pioneered to be the first President of the Old Boys’ Association of SJC, preparing the right soil to sow the seed the OBA of St John’s which has grown now as a huge tree, Until Hon. R.R. Selvadurai (then the Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Justice) the first old boy, elected as the president in 1946.The principals of SJC continued to be the Ex-officio presidents, thanks to the generation of our principals in being the strength of the association.

The magazine published by the OBA In July 1904, “The Organ of the Old Boys’ Association” which had been recognized as the first college magazine. The purpose of the magazine is to keep the ALUMNI in touch with the ALMA MATER.

In 1960 when the private schools were taken over by the Government of Srilanka, the OBA galvanized into action by its indomitable president Dr A V A Vethanayakam, persuading the Governing Body to give an opportunity to SJC to remain as a private school. The OBA Jaffna led by Dr A.V.A. Vethanayagam, Mr. S.J.Gunasekaram, Mr. S Kanagaratnam, Mr. E Rajanayagam, Mr. William Mathai and others had done a strenuous job for the survival of SJC as a ‘Private Non-Fee Levying School”.

A legend says that your duty begins when your alma mater fulfills her duty in making you a noble citizen, let you walk the path. Our Journey from 1904 till now, had been a great source of strength to our ‘Alma Mater’ for her existence; we will pledge that we will continue to be there in all odds and goods with her that her light shines brighter in the dark.

Long Live St John’s.